Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Continued Politicization of Fed

What a tired, silly story. The feds again block UMASS from being allowed to do medical testing and research on marijuana. Honestly, with states left and right decriminalizing marijuana and legalizing its medicinal purposes - often by ballot initiatives - isn't it time the federal government caught up? In terms of funding for medical uses, the UMASS plan is solid and has come recommended. Heck, it's even getting some non-politicized government support.
The ruling was released yesterday, nearly two years after a federal administrative law judge recommended that Lyle Craker, a horticultural professor who specializes in medicinal plants, be allowed to grow marijuana for medical research.
All this effort to keep pretending as if pot is cocaine and heroin and dangerous is very silly. Given that it potentially could help ease pain and have other possible medicinal uses actually means that the government's policy is dangerous, not the potential of research.

Disclosure: Never smoked pot in my life, not even once. I just think that, based on all the science that's available, this federal demonizing of it is a stupid waste of time. So is blocking it from having scientists from across the country do serious research on it.

Note: The last Left Ahead Political Podcast was on the Massachusetts ballot question that decriminalized pot, but I was absent that show. Here's the link regardless - featuring Lynne and Mike.

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who was forced to commit a crime and buy pot for her mother. She didn't smoke it, but added it to food.
Her mother's hands were so crippled and painful from rheumatoid arthritis, it was painful to watch her try to feed herself. Her mother was confined to a wheelchair and needed help bathing. She had no dignity.
The pot reduced her pain, lifted her spirits, provoked her appetite like no other prescription drug could.
I think of that poor dear soul, blessed with a wonderful spirit and cursed with one of those diseases that painfully destroys the quality of life everytime this downright stupid argument arises.
And if my friend had been caught buying it, a felony conviction!
There are other diseases that are equally as painful and destructive.
I agree with you on this one!

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