Thursday, January 01, 2009

Donate or Advertise on Ryan's Take

Ryan's Take is a huge investment both in time and resource to write and keep up. Everything from gas to go to events to equipment are costs associated with Ryan's Take that I struggle to afford. In most months, I average over 30 posts, most of which are long, thought out, well-researched blogs. Contributions to help keep my efforts going - as well as expand both content and features - is greatly appreciated. I don't want anyone to break the bank, but even $5 or $10 would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I do sell ads on Ryan's Take on a monthly basis. Prices are negotiable, but very affordable. Email me if you're interested - and if you need it, I can design the ad myself.

Finally, if you can't afford to donate and don't want/have nothing to advertise, but still want to help, feel free to click a Google Ad. Clicking an ad can bring in as much as a 30 to 40 cents to the site. If everyone who read Ryan's Take clicked an ad once a day, I could blog full time!

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