Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final Inaugural Thoughts

I'll let Meryl do the talking for me.

Okay, okay... LOL.

Seriously, though, we won and now it's time to govern. Govern the way the people elected us to govern. I don't want to talk. Just govern. From the left. Get people health care. Equal rights. Jobs. We all played our cards and, in a democracy, the winner takes it all. State politics to recommence starting now.


Bellicose Bumpkin said...

If we remove our dependence on foreign oil and shift to homegrown green energy sources such as wind ... much of the economy will take care of itself.

Oil is syphoning hundreds of billions of dollars off to other countries.

Ryan said...

Agreed. Can't think of a better economic base for a new middle/working class than renewable energy. Much of it is already price competitive, and far more efficient when you take into consideration the long-term damage of fossil fuels. Plus, unlike most industries, the renewable jobs could never all go away. So, here's hoping the transition begins now - and it's a rapid one.

Anonymous said...

One thing though Ryan, we are still a republic. Individual states have individual rights. Just as Mass was allowed to have and promote gay marriage under what you would term an oppresive regime(a Republican administration) let's not look to repaint the whole country with a strictly blue color. There are still some pockets of pure red, and their rights should be respected.

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