Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Globe Neglected to Mention

That a Super Majority of the Cape and Islands' citizens support Cape Wind, or that the "unavoidable" impact to views would be the size of a human thumb on a beautiful day, as it allowed the NIMBY crowd to trash Cape Wind in its latest article. Kudos to Patrick for pushing construction of wind projects quickly, 10% of the Bay State's energy is both meaningful and realistic.


Middleboro Review said...

Few are making the connection of the opposition to Cape Wind of DIRTY ENERGY. Generous campaign contributions have blinded lawmakers, in addition to the NIMBY crowd.
IMO, DIRTY ENERGY is hampering attempts at all levels to promote alternatives.
Several Bay State communities have been proactive in amending their zoning regs to welcome wind turbines, including Hull and Plymouth.
It's time!

Ryan said...

Good point.

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