Friday, January 09, 2009

Globe Quotes Me on the Partners Issue

Fun - and I won't even be snarky, because the Globe does deserve some serious kudos for their Partners coverage. At least the Paper of Record still knows how to write some seriously good exposes - this is probably some of their best work since the Church molestation scandals.

Anyway, the quote's below. They took it from here. The Globe put it in their mix-mash of quotes they occasionally print in the op-ed section. Is that a weekly, Friday feature?
"It's time for the state to end the practice of Blue Cross tampering with how, what, and which hospitals and groups are paid. The state ought to enforce rates, based on performance and actual cost, to rein in the industry in Massachusetts. The only difference between what Blue Cross pays Tufts or Partners or Beverly Hospital should be based on performance, not Blue Cross's whims.

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Charley on the MTA said...

YEEEEARGGGHH! Get it, boy!

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