Monday, January 05, 2009

Got a Flip Video Camera

A big thanks to those who sent paypal donations to help get it. That nearly paid for half of it, so it was a big help for a struggling, 20-something blogger. Thanks!

I was debating between getting the Flip Ultra, which uses AA batteries, or the newer Mino, which recharges by plugging it into the computer, and decided to go with the Ultra. The two are very small, pocket-size, but I was tempted to go with the Mino because it's so freaking thin.
The deciding factor was that I already have too many things that need my computer to charge (Ipod, external HD, camera, etc). Plenty of USB ports, but at some point you look like a tangled-up nut with all those devices attached to your computer. Plus, it was $30 cheaper. Thankfully, the picture and sound qualities, which are supposed to be fantastic for youtube, are the same regardless of the device.

In any event, I hope it really adds something to this site, making it one of the most informative - and not just opinionated - places in the Massachusetts blogosphere. I can't wait to start using it.


Peter Porcupine said...

I've been very happy with mine. In addition to videos, it also allows you to capture a single frame as a photo, which I use even more often!


(PS - at important events, be sure you have an extra battery in your shirt pocket...)

Anonymous said...

Good work. I look forward to disputing your videos!!


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