Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He's Heeere!

DiFi blabbing. Ugh. Just skip to the part where change is sworn in.

Rick Warren. Vomiting a little in my mouth. Skip to the part where Obama's sworn in already.

10 minutes later... still praying. Sheesh, this guy's a bit whacky. Loving the way he pronounces names. Reminds me of a diabolical evil master mind, especially with crazy-looking facial hair.

Now, Aretha, I can listen to. I would have rather listened to her give the invocation, especially if she sung it and left mythical beings out of it.

Finally - someone's being sworn in. Woot. Biden. Meh wants some Obammma.

Yo-Yo Ma! John Williams? I think I saw Beethoven in there too, somewhere.

And he's President!


Lynne said...

I didn't see a thing of Warren. I turned my back, the whole time, in the middle of the theatre. It was my little bit of standing up for my principles.

Of course, this was much more useful to do among a crowd of 500 than sitting in front of one's TV...

Ryan said...

I grew a Rick Warren 'stache.

I made a impersonation of him, planning to put it on Youtube, but I didn't think it was funny enough. Parts of it, IMHO, were hilarious, but parts weren't and I really don't feel like editing it more. Plus, I don't really want to use youtube that way.

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