Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Can't Stop Reading...

Train wreck.


Anonymous said...

I could not help reading this story over and over and over and...

Richard Vitale’s vacation keeps case shrouded in mystery

By Hillary Chabot | Tuesday, January 6, 2009 | http://www.bostonherald.com | Local Politics

Photo by Angela Rowlings
An out-of-state holiday vacation prompted House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s former accountant, Richard Vitale, to blow off a courthouse arraignment yesterday - forcing officials to reschedule the hearing until next week.

Vitale’s lawyer also managed to keep additional details of the case - including any facts about DiMasi’s potential involvement - under wraps two days before the speaker is up for re-election.

“We felt that it was in the best interest of the administration of justice for the matter to be filed under seal or not filed at all,” said Vitale lawyer Martin Weinberg, who added that Vitale did not receive preferential treatment.

“The rules completely authorize the procedure that occurred today,” said Weinberg, who wouldn’t say where Vitale went on vacation.

Vitale, who also served as DiMasi’s former campaign treasurer, is accused of violating lobbying and campaign finance laws while championing ticket-scalping legislation on behalf of ticket brokers.

Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office attempted to file more details about the case yesterday, but Clerk Magistrate Gary Wilson refused to accept the filing.

“The safest thing for me to do is not file this, because then it will become public record,” Wilson said, arguing Coakley’s office provided too many details. “It’s supposed to be a skeletal outline, not a full discovery packet.”

Coakley indicted Vitale, 63, and his company, WN Advisors, last month and detailed several e-mails from Vitale to DiMasi and Speaker Pro Tem Thomas Petrolati (D-Springfield) about the ticketing legislation as Vitale worked to pass the bill. Vitale allegedly forwarded e-mails from ticket brokers to DiMasi’s personal e-mail account.

Vitale is also connected to Cognos ULC, a software firm that landed a $13 million state contract that has since been rescinded. DiMasi has repeatedly denied having a hand in the ticket broker legislation or the awarding of the Cognos contracts.

Anonymous said...

Don't toss rock if you live in a glass house.

Ryan said...

Huh? I've never taken a job that I was technically not allowed to have.

And pardon my lack of sympathy for the Palins, who are lucky enough to have the financial resources to - at the end of the day - not need to have their new son-in-law working to support his new child.

Anonymous said...

My point is that your always busting the GOP guys when your democratic pals are as or more ethically challenged.

Ryan said...

I routinely bust Democratic chops, you're just ignoring my *many* blogs that I've criticized democrats, some (*cough*cahill*cough*) very recent.

But I will say that the only example of a Democrat who has done as many stupid things as Sarah Palin is a certain Illinois Governor... her ability to ignore rules that should apply to herself is quite impressive, as is her talent at collecting all the possible perks she can possibly muster, all the way back to the tens of thousands she made her own town pay to refurbish her office as part-time mayor of Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

And the Speaker? What's the deal with Sal? Didn't much like Deval's ethic's recommendations. Wonder why? Too bad the new ethics rules were not retroactive. Sal wins tomorrow by a landslide. Shows you what a bunch of chicken shit wimps we have in the House. I hope my rep, Stevie Walsh, once and for all does something right and votes "present."

Anonymous said...

Let's face it Ryan, for every Republican miscue someone can go find a Democrat that was equally bad. Abscam, Huey Long, etc. It's the way you gloat when its a Republican and excuse or ignore when it's a Democrat. I give high marks to Obama's transition team so far, and hope he can change the atmosphere in Washington. Maybe it will trickle down to state politics and the first thing that you think of when you hear someone's a politician isn't that he/she must be a crook or on the take.

Anonymous said...

Even I would not have brought up Huey Long. Wilkerson, DiMasi, Marzilli, etc. Those are my favs.

Ryan said...

Anon 5:57,

Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that the Democrats didn't invade a country based on lies. They did follow like sheep without challenging it for fear of political backlash. Not sure which is worse. There's plenty of Democrats I'm very eager to get rid of, nationally and locally.

People greatly mistake progressives and where we fit in with the Democratic party. Progressives, on the whole, are the outsiders and viewed with scorn by many of the insiders. There's many Democrats we want to replace as badly as bad Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we invade Vietnam based on lies?

Anonymous said...

Then I think you should create a Progessive Party. You can have your own platform and candidates, and distinguish yourselves from the Democrats. I feel both major parties are corrupt, I'm hoping Barack can create an atmosphere of honesty. It's a chance that comes along once in a while for someone who hasn't been tainted by the insider greed that permeates Washington, it swallowed up Jimmy Carter I hope Barack can survive.

Ryan said...

Anon 5:47,

Why would I want to create my own party? The democratic party's average voters are with me on probably 99% of the issues. Even the national democrats aren't terrible on the issues usually, they've just been completely lacking in backbone for the past 8+ years.

Maybe there will come a day when 3rd parties can become relevant in America, but a lot of things have to happen first - such as instant runoffs, public financing of elections and some serious reigning in of PACs to a system that the only private donations are very small ones.

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