Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No Justice for Sean Kennedy, Killed for Being Gay

I'm so angry I could boil over. This is why we need a national hate crimes law that not only protects people on the basis of religion, age and ethnicity, but also sexual orientation.

That poor mother, who lost her child to a homophobic murderer, could see that murderer out on parole after a little over a year. He was only ever sentenced to 5, despite the fact that he chose to violently attack the kid because he was gay, leading to that kid's death.

Does anyone really think the person who committed such a heinous crime could have been rehabilitated in such short a time - or observed a just punishment for violently ending the life of another? No matter how you slice it, whatever your political perspective, this is disgusting. Yet it's the world we live in, because Republicans refuse to give gay people even basic protections or rights.


laurel said...

Soapblox is down/dead?

Sorry for the OT post Ryan, but I was clicking around to see if just BMG was offline. No, it turns out Pam's House Blend is too. They both use soapblox I believe. Here is the dismal message on the soapblox webpage (which strangely is still working).
"SoapBlox is Dead
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All these hackers messing with our stuff, and we here at SoapBlox have no clue what to do. We don't have enough knowledge, time, money, or care to fix it.

So I hope the Hackers are happy.

If you want the data from your blog, we will get it. But we are not going to try and restore anything.

Consider this the "We're Out of Business" post.

Most of the servers have been taken off line because they were being used to hack and exploit other websites. The hackers install this crap on servers after they get in. SoapBlox's ISP then takes the servers off line.

We do not know when they will come back online.

We do not know if they will come back online."

Ryan said...

I'm glad to see BMG back up, as well as all the other sites that use it.

It's time for all of them to run, run, run from Soapblox... or at least demand that it become open source, because all is lost if they don't have the code.

Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - would additional legal rights have prevented this murder? How?

Ryan said...

This specific one? Who knows. What I can say, for this particular case, is that if there were national hate crime laws, Sean's murderer would not be getting out of prison 3 years or so after committing the murder, after committing such a brutal crime.

That said, having a hate crimes law could certainly prevent some of the worst crimes, especially given the fact that it doesn't just apply to murder. If someone knows that they'll get a slap on the wrist for spray painting "fag" on someone's house and is homophobic, they'll probably do whatever they were going to do in the first place. If they know that they'll end up in prison for 2-3 years if caught, it probably changes the equation.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that this would be a huge symbolic measure by this country showing that, finally, it's going to show that it, too, thinks gay people are full, equal citizens and that discrimination against them is unacceptable. Right now, the signal our country sends to many is that it's okay to hate on gays. Enough of that.

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