Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Nixed Robinson, Not HBO

Says HBO, ht Pam Spaulding.

I had this video blog that I posted about yesterday's inaugural events, suspecting it was Obama's people that made this decision. Now it's just definitive. The fact of the matter is politicians, at least the good ones anyway, are masters at controlling the message - Obama's people among them.

It's now become clear that Obama's message to the people of America is that glbt rights is not a priority, that he'd rather hear from Team Homophobia, and that if any major civil rights bill pertaining to gay or transgender people is going to pass, it's going to have to pass by rioting in the freaking streets. If Obama continues on this route, mark my words, he'll have those riots - but I'd so much rather see this done the easy way.

What other inaugural mishaps were there? Well, the Washington DC gay chorus was never recognized for their performance - and a few pro-equality lyrics in Garth Brooks song was stripped out of his song We Shall be Free, lyrics he has sung in some of the reddest parts of the freaking country. Indeed, the message is loud and clear: we shall be free, except for gay people.

More at BMG. And here's my second video blog, for what it's worth.

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