Friday, January 30, 2009

The Stimulus Bill

The Bay State's getting at least $11 billion - and could be as much as $16 billion. The Globe has a neat graphic showing where the money will go in Massachusetts. It includes $1.3 billion in 'stabilization funds' to help offset next year's budget. The state faces a whole that's an additional billion larger than that, though.

Some random thoughts,
  • The Republicans aren't faring well from their obstruction. Their critiques on the bill just don't add up. On the one hand, they say there isn't enough infrastructure spending. On the other, not enough tax cuts. Moreover, there's all too much spending. Huh? So they want a bill with more infrastructure spending, more tax cuts - and it should cost less? Like I said, insane it just doesn't add up.
  • More on their complaints on 'spending.' The point of stimulus is to spend money, right? The point of this whole thing is to create jobs. Well, the Globe says the current bill will create nearly 95,000 in Massachusetts alone - when Massachusetts has roughly 240,000 unemployed. Not too shabby. What's the Republican Party's problem again?
  • They are right in that there should be more infrastructure spending. It's pitifully low, actually. It makes me think that there will be an infrastructure bill worked on over the year, too. If not, shame on DC, because our roads and bridges are falling apart all the while our public transportation is falling behind the rest of the world.
  • Put some of these tax cuts as infrastructure spending. Really, the tax cuts don't help that much. What really, really doesn't help, though, are the business tax cuts. That's $20+ billion right there that could be added to public transportation projects, which will, you know, help businesses.
  • If the Republicans aren't going to vote for the bill anyway, definitely axe the bad business tax cuts that don't create jobs. Please!
  • One more note: 60 Senate seats here we come.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta help those Philippino war veterans, that'll help create jobs.
Present one idea at a time - 15 billion to upgrade railroad tracks, vote on it, get it done.

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