Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's Globe

  • Horrifying. Racists burn down nearly finished mostly black congregation in Springfield, angry about Obama becoming President. Can we double or triple Obama's secret service, please?
  • Renee Loth throws a fit. She's angry and outraged, mostly for good reasons, though more in the full-of-sound-and-fury, signifying-nothing kinda way, ie she offers no prescriptions. And did she really have to go into a video-games-are-evil meme at the end? So tired.
  • Cape Wind is winning. Yay!
  • Howard Dean's going into the private sector. Doesn't sound like he wants to. It's amazing to me that Obama didn't take Dean on. The 50 state plan, which wouldn't have happened without Dean, was a huge boon to the Democratic Party.
  • The Globe editorializes that the state needs to step in to get schools to cut costs through measures like buying energy in bulk and the GIC, but in the end, the only way to really enforce large savings in budgets is to regionalize more schools. At the middle school and high school level, it's actually beneficial to kids, because it opens up more options, APs and other goodies. Then again, what would we do without all those wonderful Thanksgiving Day games?
  • Varitek talks with Henry. Varitek was stupid to listen to Borass, who told Varitek to not accept arbitration, which would have assuredly granted V-tek $10 million or more next year. Now, no one wants the Captain, not even really the Sox, who seem more than content to trade for a young gun. That said, the 'Cap is going to have to take a pay cut and will almost certainly hit better than he did last year, a year in which he got divorced. If I got divorced, I think I'd play like horse manure too. So I hope he can suck it up, realize he made a mistake and pay the (admittedly stiff) price. For the right price, I'd love to have him back next year.
  • Finally, don't forget to check out my first video blog, on Obama's inauguration and what it'll take to make sure his priorities match the progressive movement.


massmarrier said...

So this is like Andy Taylor and Barney Fife. You play Barney and say, "If I got divorced, I think I'd play like horse manure too."

Andy replies, "Gosh, Barn. I didn't know you played pro baseball, and when did you get divorced or married even?"

Good-hearted chuckling ensues.

Ryan said...

Hmm... I believe that reference is above my head. Do I need to be born before 1984 to understand it?

massmarrier said...

You don't have to be born before the show ended, but you do have to be in touch with cultural memes and classic TV. The Andy Griffith Show has quotes and allusions that recur commonly. You might get a season on NetFlix. I think you'd be surprised at thinking, "Oh, that's where that came from."

A repeated bit is Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) in the station with Barney Fife (Don Knotts). Barney holds forth as expert on anything, including parenting, even though only Andy has any children (his son is Opie, Ron Howard). When something about Opie arises, Barney is quick to say something like, "I'd never let my son do that!" Andy grins and starts in with, "Why Barney, all these years and I never knew you had children." Barney then sputters and on and on.

Verbiage is low key, but the physical comedy is great.

Ryan said...

Ahh, now I get it. LOL.

I've seen one or two episodes of the Andy Griffith show before... I even remember the theme whistle, I mean song =p Hehe.

massmarrier said...

And now Ron Howard is no longer a lisping scamp, rather a famous director. More shocking to watchers of the show, he's craggy and balder than I.

There wasn't much folk wisdom there deeper than say Reader's Digest vignettes. Yet, the underlying and recurring Andy Taylor theme was how to deal effectively and pleasantly with difficult people.

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