Monday, January 12, 2009

Today's Top Stories

  • More plumbers who aren't plumbers should become reporters who aren't reporters. Please!
  • Obama's giving Gene Robinson, the first out-gay Episcopalian Bishop in America, the invocation to kick off the inaugural events at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. Fantastic, but this doesn't 'make up' for Rick Warren, even if it shows that the glbt community's efforts to lobby Obama have largely succeeded. The lesson isn't learned until people (especially Democrats) realize that if it's not okay to legitimize racists like David Dukes, it's not okay to legitimize overt homophobic pastors like Rick Warren (who sponsors condom burnings in Africa, btw). Legitimize being the key word - no one's saying Obama can't work with Warren on like-minded issues, he just shouldn't be inviting Warren to do the invocation. I've worked with MFI on stopping casinos, but that doesn't mean I go inviting them over for the holidays.
  • Bob shouldn't waste his time. Do people even read Hub Politics anymore?
  • Soapblox is saved, cue the celebrations and sighs of relief at BMG and across the progressive net.
  • Thank goodness we don't depend on Russia for our natural gas. It would be a cold, heartless winter otherwise.

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