Saturday, January 17, 2009

Video Blog #1: On the Inauguration

This is just my first video and attempt at a video blog. Hope you all enjoy it!

There's been lots of talk about Obama and the glbt movement's disappointment about the Rick Warren choice, as well as the fact that 12 years ago Obama supported marriage equality but doesn't now. These are disappointments. However, we have everything to look forward to in the coming four years.

That said, our expectations are only going to be met if we are the impetus behind them. Obama will likely take the easy way out on some issues if we let him; we have to make sure that he not only shares similar opinions but also priorities. At least when it comes to glbt rights, it's in that grassroots effort that the future success or failure of the incoming administration lies.


Judy Meredith said...

It's you! Substance is good. Needs some editing down to three minutes I think. Would be much improved if you looked straight into the camera as if you were across a table in a coffee shop responding to a question I had just asked you.

massmarrier said...

From someone who would not do it well, I agree about looking into the camera. I'd add that the camera should be at nose/eye level.

You know I'm shy-ish, but you're an actor sort. To see how it's done, go to and check his video blogs. You can see them right there or on, as in this product video.

I'm truly jealous when I say he needs attention. He's great at self-promoting. Regardless, it's like he's talking directly to the viewer and he holds attention.

Thanks for trying this and showing us.

Ryan said...

I agree with the critiques! I didn't actually realize I wasn't looking into the camera. LOL.

I don't have the camera on my computer, otherwise I'd just automatically look into it.

I think I may try to be more scripted next time (I wasn't at all this time) instead of editing. Editing is a bit more work!

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