Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drilling off Cape Cod?


Just got this presser from Environment Massachusetts:
Rep. Markey files bill to protect Georges Bank from drilling

Environment Massachusetts applauds Representative Markey for introducing a bill to protect Georges Bank, an immensely productive fishing area about 60 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, and other marine sanctuaries around the coasts from the pollution of offshore oil and gas drilling.

Congress allowed the annual moratorium on expanded drilling to lapse on September 30, 2008, at which time the Bush administration released a proposed five year drilling program that would allow drilling as close as 3 miles to Cape Cod and the entire New England shoreline.

“Protecting the unique marine ecosystem of Georges Bank and other marine sanctuaries from the dangers of offshore drilling is a critically important now that Congress has let the moratorium on offshore drilling lapse,” said Winston Vaughan, of Environment Massachusetts.

He added, “We must see an end to the annual battle over protecting our nation’s coastline. It’s time for Congress to reinstate the offshore drilling moratorium and make it permanent.”

“Many of our fish populations are rebounding and our marine mammals and turtles are finally receiving the protections they need. We can’t go backwards and allow their special places to be threatened by drilling,” said Vaughan.
Let's just say that only in my most horrid nightmares would there be drilling off the coast of Cape Cod - or, really, anywhere. This really transcends NIMBY issues because we a) don't need off-shore drilling and b) off-shore drilling is disastrous to the environment. Compare that with Cape Wind, which is fantastic for the environment and is in the Cape's best interest (which explains why a super majority in the Cape supports Cape Wind) and it's easy to see what's good energy policy versus bad. We should be willing to use our oceans and environment, not abuse them. So let's hope Rep. Markey gets this bill passed.

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