Friday, February 27, 2009

Globe's Roundup on Sal's Former Seat

It's pretty weak. They may as well have just written, "Sal retired: here's the four people running for the seat." Instead, they wrote most of the article about the North End, even though the North End is only a small slice of the district now, and the only thing added to naming the people running the race was a small quote.

Would it have killed the Globe to include a quote or two about an important issue that each of the candidates hold? Even at the cost of some of all that wonderfully irrelevant North End storytelling? Apparently, the Globe thinks the following information is enough for an early outlook: Aaron Michlewitz was a former Sal aide. Ryan Higginson's openly gay, Susan Passoni's got name recognition (and both live in the South End, which now has the "lion's share" of the district -- note to Globe: why was half the freaking article about the North End?!). Lastly, Lucy Rivera is a latina who was born in Mexico City and is a public defender.

Okay, I'm ready to vote.

Note to Readers: Passoni will be on LeftAhead on Tuesday, 10/3. I'll try to get more.

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