Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nuclear Option Should be On the Table

The Republicans are clearly showing they want to destroy this country. Democrats should grow a set and play a card from the Republican days. Even talk of the nuclear option may just get this vote moving. When will the dems stop bringing knives to gunfights?

Obama and the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. It's as if they haven't figured out that the American people gave them the majority for a reason. Stoopid.


Daniel said...

You're right. The Republicans are still working for the multi-millionaires, and hoping that Southern and Midwestern working-class types don't figure that out in time to significantly damage the GOP pols' retirement gigs ("quid pro quo" consulting jobs, golden parachutes, etc). There's no other explanation.

Anonymous said...

We traded one bunch of thieves for another. Nancy Pelosi "protected" American Samoa from changes in the minimum wage laws, because StarKist (headquarters in her district) has a huge operation there. And her husband has 17 mil in stock. She was embarressed into changing it later when Republicans pointed out her hipocrisy. Same game, different players. So far I hold out hope Barack is honest in his desire for change, but he'll need to clean up his own party also not just the mess from the Republicans.

Ryan said...

No doubt the Dems aren't perfect, Anon. But the Dems, without the need to get 60 seats in a 100 seat house, can pass a universal health care bill and economic stimulus bill. These are things that would help millions upon millions of lives.

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