Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Police Chiefs Against Casinos

Police chiefs across NH came out against casinos.
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - New Hampshire police chiefs are confirming their stand against expanding gambling in the state.

Tuesday, chiefs at a meeting of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police voted to continue opposing expanded gambling.

Lincoln Police Chief Theodore Smith, the association president, said 54 chiefs voted against expanded gambling and one abstained. The vote came after the chiefs heard presentations for and against expanded gambling.
Now, I know this is New Hampshire, but this vote was near-universal, with only one abstention. Obviously, that's a lot of chiefs who think the crime, social ills and costs just aren't worth what the gambling lobby's boasts. Given that the lobby's representing interests that are going bankrupt all across America, that seems a very reasonable assumption.


Anonymous said...

Mohegan Sun opened a store front office in downtown Palmer. Somethings up.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear the Police Chiefs of NH have some common sense to realize there is no pot of gold that will pay for the cost. Maybe we can expect the same from Beacon Hill. Oops! My bad!
That does seem unlikely since they have failed to act to rid the system of abuse, hacks and waste.
Big Dig anyone?

to anon 9:22
Casinos are extremely profitable and can hire good PR people who will pound their chests and proclaim the inevitability of the casino, just as Scott Fearsome has in Middleboro.

Not everyone believed Scott when he said the casino would be built in 18 months. The 18 months have passed and there is no casino in Middleboro.

It's up to the towns involved to gather the facts and inform themselves and educate their legislators.

Casinos are loosing propositions for the towns and the states. They cost more money than they provide in revenue. The 2 CT casinos have destroyed the schools in the surrounding towns, increased crime, increased DUIs because they allow drunks to leave and are exempt from lawsuits, and destroyed families because they only make their money by creating addiction.

Slot machines are designed to lure in the unsuspecting to "play to extinction." That means separate people from every dime they have and then some.

There is something morally reprehensible when elected officials endorse a "revenue stream" that exists only because of personal destruction.

The "Inevitability Theory" is just that. Don't buy it. We can't afford the costs.

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