Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Truth is Out There

Anyone have any questions? This stimulus has been bugging me and I've barely written about it. Lots 'o stuff going on about casinos and I just haven't kept up. Now's the chance to get me on record. Consider this an open thread.

Editor's Choice: Ryan, what are you watching on the telly these days?

(And, please, my fellow political geeks, make it to #1.)

Well, devoted fans accidental Google clickers, I've been binging on both corny & good sci fi this week. The TV's back on now that the excellent Battlestar Galactica's back on - and sci fi is like a drug; it's hard to get enough of it if you're taking any at all.

So, beyond the impeccable and as-good-as-ever BSG, I couldn't miss the mid-season premiere of Heroes "Volume 3," which is going all Guantanamo on us now. Actually, it's the most interesting story line since season 1, so I'm hoping for an improvement in quality over the past two story arcs. Though, in all honesty, I'll watch it regardless. Like I said, it's a drug - and having Peter Petrelli on screen for half the show certainly doesn't hurt.

Rounding out the Sci Fi Geekiness is Kyle XY. Please don't make fun of me! Yes, it's super corny and yes the story line's a bit stale (though still good) at this point, but this is a sci fi dramady that you can watch with your whole family - only I choose to watch it alone. Most of the episodes are online for free (legal - I swear), in case test tube babies who can reverse the polarity of water interest you. It's actually a really fun show, the only semi-decent sci fi one out there that'll make you laugh and has a rich story, so if you want some good old-fashioned sci-fi geekiness, give that one a try.


laurel said...

Well if Kyle is online free, i'll give it a whirl. I lurve scifi, but have to wait for everything to come to dvd. (i know - bsg episodes were online, but i didn't get to see them all last season before the oldest got bumped.)

i was hoping i'd get the flu this winter so i could have an excuse to watch the 2nd season of heroes in one sitting. but alas, i remain vimmy and vigorific. :D

Ryan said...

I actually think the 2nd season of heroes is underrated. It's a little rushed because of the strike and a little slower, but the stories are still well told and interesting.

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