Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yo, NBC --

Heroes isn't about powers, it's about characters and how they can make the world a better place. While those powers are a part of those characters, they are not the defining characteristic. Having Peter and Hiro one day have powers, the next not, the next maybe, kinda, sort of have them (yada, yada, yada) isn't moving the story along. It's just annoying.

Honestly, it's about as irritating as defining gay people purely by their sexuality. Just like being gay is only a part of a person - in this case, a gay one - Peter's ability to absorb the powers of others is only a part of him. It's not the fraking impetus of the whole freaking show. Yet, while it's not the impetus, screwing with his powers so frequently as a plot device is as annoying as those who suggest to their gay coworkers, 'well, why don't you try switching teams, even if it's just once?' Let people be who they are as they face the challenges that come their way, please.

Just give Peter and Hiro back their fraking powers and *get on with the story.* Part of this new volume has been awesome, the anti 24, but it's really a TV first for me: I'm simultaneously exceptionally interested, yet in half the scenes (every scene with Hiro and Peter), I feel like someone's scratching a chalkboard with their finger nails. It's grating and repulsive. It's killing Heroes for me.

To put this all in perspective, I'm about to drop Heroes from my Facebook favorites - and, as we all know, nothing's official until it happens on Facebook. So, NBC, if you don't fix this volume fast, prepare for a broken heart on my newsfeed. I'm soooo going to quit you. Consider this fair warning.


Joel Patterson said...

"Just like being gay is only a part of a person - in this case, a gay one - Peter's ability to absorb the powers of others is only a part of him. "
Peter is gay?!? No wonder his politician brother didn't want him in the limelight. ;)

Seriously, Ryan, dump that show and pick up a copy of Brian K. Vaughn's "Y: The Last Man." There's only 10 trade paperbacks, and your library probably has them if you are strapped for cash. It is far better entertainment than Heroes... part of the reason they aren't getting on with the story in Heroes is the writers don't have a story.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I have to stick it out a while longer and see what happens. Ryan's right, but when you add television into the mix I become a lemming!

Everyone has their thing, right?

Ryan said...

I usually don't watch any tv - this is really the only season in which I do, because it's when all the sci-fi shows are on. And I'm a sucker for sci-fi. The only non sci-fi show that I watch is Mad Men (Rome used to be on that list, but it's over).

I'll check that book out, though.

I'm with John for now - I'm going to give NBC maybe 2-3 episodes, but I'm no longer planning my Mondays around them (I had been up until recently). Now, I'll just catch it online at hulu or afterwards, at least until they fix Hiro and Peter.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Not a bad idea Ryan, I can follow that (it's the lemming thing again!).

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