Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yoon's Run "Bankrolled?"

Poor choice of headline. First off, Yoon's going to be woefully behind in raising money compared to Menino's basically unlimited potential.

Secondly, the Globe compares in state vs. out of state fundraising for both candidates. If the Globe wants to measure local support through fundraising, shouldn't it be in city vs. out of city? What the heck is the difference if money for a Boston race comes from Newton or Seattle?

Yoon's out of state fundraising is largely coming from Asian Americans - especially, according to the Globe, the Korean American community. Honestly, that's awesome. There's such a small sum of major politicians elected from Asian-American communities, even across America, that it only makes sense these communities would raise money to get people in their communities elected. Other minority communities do similar activities in attempt to help level the playing field, even if it's only by a fraction of an inch (as it would be in Yoon's case, compared to the millions Menino will be able to spend). The bottom line is better for someone to donate funds to get someone in their minority community elected from halfway across the country than a business hack in Newton or Milton donating funds to the establishment pick for who knows what. At least that way you know it's for some actual altruistic reasons and not to get some liquor license renewed.

It's doubtful Ryan's Take will take a formal position in the Mayor's race this term, other than to say it's both exciting to see some real competition as well as doubtful any of Menino's competition has a shot - in large part because there's now two or three people already running, Yoon being the potential third. Menino certainly made his mark on the city and it would be nice for some eventual fresh blood - and Yoon could be that someday - but whether this is the season for change at Government Center is in some serious doubt. In reality, most of that depends on a few, choice mumbles.

Extra Credit: Anyone want to place odds on whether or not this story was pushed by one of Yoon's rivals? If so, whom?

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McGruff said...

Ryan said:

If the Globe wants to measure local support through fundraising, shouldn't it be in city vs. out of city?

Exactly so, Flaherty's money is mostly South Shore, or as one Deval person called it, "Cahill" money.

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