Thursday, March 05, 2009

Awesome Cahill Quote (Stick a Fork in Him)

In an interview yesterday, Cahill called his numbers preliminary. "They're absolutely an estimate," he said. "But I would rather err on the side of overestimating what they're worth and get more than underestimate them and be kicking ourselves later."
More amazing-ness.
Cahill did not mention the potential legal impediment during yesterday's breakfast speech, which captured widespread attention, but he said in an interview later that he and his staff knew about the legal problems with the plan. He said he hoped the Justice Department's position would be reversed by the administration of President Obama.
Looking at the blogosphere...

Mass Liberal's got it right: Cahill's not ready for prime time. I say stick a fork in him. Lots of details in his blog, but this was the most interesting tidbit:
And oh yeah, another oopsie:
Cahill also encountered problems on a second major proposal, a plan to privatize the state lottery... It is a move that has been contemplated by other states, but... would violate federal law.
If you want to challenge Patrick's ideas.... definitely limit yourself to legal solutions.
It's amateur hour over at the Treasurer's office.

Also, here's what I wrote earlier this morning. It was easy pickings, but consider Treasurer Cahill sufficiently pwnd.

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