Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cahill: Not a Real Democrat

Did I not just last night say that Cahill was sounding an awful lot like a Republican, including the part where he was coming up with ideas that weren't only stupid concepts, but inept on the details to boot? Well, we learn this morning that Cahill's thinking of running for Governor -- as an Independent. Yeah, good luck with that one, Mr. Treasurer.
State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill is giving serious consideration to running for governor next year, either in a challenge to Deval Patrick for the Democratic nomination or possibly as an independent candidate, advisers to Cahill said recently.
My favorite part?
Others who are part of Cahill's inner circle said the treasurer does not want to appear to be abandoning the Democratic Party at this point, particularly as he continues to raise funds from Democratic sources and because of the possibility that Patrick would not seek a second term.
Kind of let the cat out of the bag on that one. Contemplating running against the Democrat, not-as-a-Democrat, isn't exactly going to endear you to "Democratic sources."

Gotta love two ineptly handled, PR-disasters coming out of Cahill's office in two days. That's impressive. Run, Cahill, Run!! Massachusetts needs a new State Treasurer.

Bonus points for the Globe editorial slamming Cahill today on his disaster of a slot plan. It was a stupid plan and he deserved the thrashing.


Anonymous said...

is Deval doing such a great job that he does not deserve a challenge?

Ryan said...

I'm not opposed to primary challenges.

Indeed, am I not rooting for Cahill to run? Running as a Democrat would be even better - no risk of Cahill splitting the gen election vote.

Deval's certainly left room for improvement, but his job as governor is better than Cahill's job as Treasurer. Deval's done an okay job -- he just hasn't met the progressive community's expectations in being willing to discuss frankly ideas like tax reform and making sure we have enough revenue to meet our obligations.

Quriltai said...

I think Cahill shows his colors by mulling an independent run, and it is a real disappointment to me. Cahill, Patrick, Mihos, Baker, and the minor parties...what a fun race that would be!

However, like him or hate him, he's the only significant politician in Massachusetts with the guts to tell Deval that he's wrong. That counts for something, too. I'd lean toward Deval right now in such a contest, but the bleating-masses behavior of the party toward Deval has always been embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Ryan says "Deval's certainly left room for improvement"

That, my friend, may be the single biggest understated in the history of the blogoshere.

I say "Deval has been a failure and Cahill can not be worse."

Ryan said...

Deval over Cahill no question.

I'm disappointed with Deval - I think he's been an okay Governor and I was expecting a great one. He hasn't really screwed up, but his good ideas have almost without exception gone no where and part of that is his own fault, plus his casino plan to begin with was a stupid idea that wasted months of this state's time (and continues to do so).

Anonymous said...

You are generous

Anonymous said...

How soon they forget!!!!

I remember a certain Republican predecessor who was always out of the state running for President.

BTW, how'd that go?

He allowed mouthpieces and hacks to govern and speak for him because he was incapable of speaking without a script. For any who remember the sexy photogenic governor, when he opened his mouth without a script he sounded like a boob because he didn't have the foggiest idea what was going on in the state. That's before we talk about what did transpire within the state during his watch, the debt that increased, the infrastructure and post-retirement benefits that weren't funded and so on.

Deval has made mistakes, but is accessible and we know he's capable of speaking in public because his rhetoric isn't filtered through the likes of Eric Fernstrom.

Deval has also accomplished some major things that our corporate owned media never reports and the right wing loons don't mention or are too blind to notice. Those are probably the Howie Carr devotees who have no concept of something resembling facts.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Romney was a disaster. That does not minimize the disaster that is Deval.

Ryan said...

Anon 11:42 has it right. Deval's been pretty good, considering the economy we're living in. I don't think he's ground breaking, but he's infinitely superior to Mitt in terms of making sure state agencies are doing their jobs, etc. And he recognizes the virtues of civil rights for all -- even before his daughter came out as a lesbian. I just wish he'd be more forward thinking on revenue -- though the gas tax is certainly a start.

Anonymous said...

Stop comparing anyone to Romney. He was a fucking disaster. Deval is well on his way to being the same. Where is the pension and ethics reform? All I have been hearing about is new tolls and new taxes and frankly I do not care about lesbians. No one is screwing with your rights. You can do whatever you want. This is America.

Ryan said...

Hmm, Anon, it's interesting that you ask people to stop comparing anyone to Romney.. then proceed to compare someone to Romney in the very next sentence.

Anonymous said...

Romney assessed fees instead of taxes. A fee is a tax. That makes him dishonest at best. Deval is in the process of looking for ways to tax us into the stone age. Great idea in a recession!

Anonymous said...

Deval supporters are thin skinned and hate to see their guy criticized. They are a bit the Deval himself.

Anonymous said...

A fee is a form of a tax. However in some instances specific fees (ie. fishing liscence) target an audience that should be paying more to enjoy a specific option. The general public should pay some fees when they are enjoying specific options (ie going in the tunnel to Logan) that the rest of the populace (Western Mass) don't care about. Just as some state money should go to the overall care for an item (clean water in a lake/ all roads and tunnels) ; there should be an extra fee/tax based on usage that only those who use a specific venue pay (the lakes/Logan tunnel).

Anonymous said...

Horrible post.

Ryan is well on his way to being one of the biggest whiners in the blogosphere. Thin skinned doesn't begin to describe it.

What a self-absorbed douche.

Ryan said...

Anon 12:21,

You don't know me at all, yet you've decided upon your greater wisdom that I'm a douche?

That speaks far more about you than it does me.

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