Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does this make up for most

of the Bridge-to-Nowhere money she spent?



Anonymous said...

It just leaves more money in the pot, maybe Deval can get some and pay a few more high paid friends. Or Dodd can make sure the bonuses get paid by giving up some of his state's money. Palin's old news, and if you think the bailout won't work now because a couple of states governors are posturing, well then it gives you a chance to blame the failure on the Republicans.

Ryan said...

Who said I don't think the bailout won't work? While I don't think it's big enough to plug all the wholes, it will certainly mitigate some of the worst over the next 2-3 years.

If you're going to poke the governor, try to do things that make sense. I assume you're going after him for Marian Walsh's new post. However, the state doesn't pay a dime for it.

Anonymous said...

It was in the column you linked to. By turning down the money the Republican governors are jeopardizing the stimulus. If the post is paid by the federal government I still pay for it through my federal taxes. Money doesn't grow on trees, when you work and they take %40 of what you earn, you begin to resent where it goes.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't about Marian Walsh, it was his neighbor a couple of months ago. There's so much insider stuff going on it's hard to keep track of. Criticizing the Dems is getting to be like shooting fish in a barrel. It would be the same if the Republicans were in charge, but they're not and the sanctimonious protection of Deval and his cronies is what is so troubling.

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