Monday, March 30, 2009

Notice Anything Different?

In an effort to clean up the website, many sidebar applications were eliminated or slimmed down. I noticed the site was taking a long time to load - no more.

Some of the changes:
  • Got rid of the miles-long list of tags. Replaced it with just the most common ones.
  • Now that the site's been online for about 3 years, it was no longer making sense to post every month's archive. Now, there's a simple "archive" tab. Just click it and each month is listed, including the number of posts in that month.
  • Reduced the number of total blogs posted on the site at once. It used to be 7 days worth, now it's just 7 posts worth.
  • Moved the subscribe-to/RSS app from the bottom of the site to the sidebar, so people actually know its there.
Any other suggestions? I'd like to make Ryan's Take as enjoyable and great as possible, so consider this a thread to offer your tips - and always feel free to send me emails at ryanstake at gmail dot net. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Nice time for Spring Cleaning!

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