Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama's baffling me with this one

He wants Chrysler to merge with an Italian automaker because - get this - it's 'too small.' Obama's 1000 times better than Bush, but can't we get a President who realizes if companies are 'too big to fail,' they're also too big to exist? Over the next few years, we, as a country, need to force any company that's 'too big to fail' to break up into several, smaller pieces. We can't let our economy be at the mercy of companies like Citigroup and AIG ever again. One company's bad and selfish decisions shouldn't threaten the disintegration of our economic security.

The auto companies are already too big. GM and Ford are truly massive companies - and even Chrysler's Dodge unit was one of the three or four biggest selling car manufacturers just a few years ago, when trucks were still in style. In the end, Chrysler may be the car company that this country has to let go, because their reliability is way down from the other American (and foreign) companies), making it a tough sell to sell any of their vehicles. Plus, let's face it, their new ownership hasn't proven particularly effective. So if it must die, it must die. However, we shouldn't hold an ultimatum that if it doesn't grow, we won't support it. That's not only backwards policy, it's bad policy.

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jonathanatographer said...

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March 26, 2009

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(Boston, MA) On April 11, 2009 at 2pm ET/11am PT, there will be protests in cities across the country. The actions are a direct response to what many believe are flawed economic policies enacted by Congress and the Obama administration. Boston will host its own protest in the area of Boston Common that faces the State House.

With growing frustration over unemployment, foreclosures and how the government has responded to the economic crisis so far, a web organizing platform, http://anewwayforward.org, has emerged to allow people and groups to organize around a progressive approach to economic recovery.

With protests taking place in over a dozen major U.S. cities, the April 11 action promises to be big.

"I think that a lot of people out there feel that congress has been making economic policy that is totally crazy. And the fact that huge sums of government cash have taken the form of executive bonuses is just unacceptable. These protests are being held to give all the people that have similar feelings and opinions a loud, unified voice. One that Congress and the Obama administration will, hopefully, pay attention to," said Matt Zaccarino state coordinator of A NEW WAY FORWARD, MA.

Tiffiniy Cheng, one of the founders of A NEW WAY FORWARD, welcomed the Massachusetts contingent to the effort. "Through campaign money and lobbyists, the financial industry has been pushing politicians to protect their interests in these hard economic times. Massachusetts has a key role to play in demanding change to how economic plans are decided.”

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