Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Replacing Sal's Seat Podcast: Susan Passoni

We had Candidate Susan Passoni on over at LeftAhead today. Good show. Listen in.


Anonymous said...

who gives a crap about Sal's seat?

Ryan said...

Ryan's take is a blog focused on Massachusetts politics. I've interviewed about a dozen candidates for state representative or senator this past year on my podcast. People complain that they can't get this stuff in the mainstream media and that ordinary citizens don't have the access to make informed decisions anymore. If you aren't interested in it, don't listen. Plenty of other people are. The impact of this seat on state policy isn't small.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, maybe you can explain why 11 members of Sal's staff are still collecting paychecks and benefits 2 months after he's gone?
$ 15,000 a week.

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