Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some Sal's Seat News

  • Tuesday, 3/10 Susan Passoni's coming on LeftAhead. She's also updated her website, something that was badly needed. It's pretty good now.
  • Tuesday, 3/17 Ryan Higginson's on. Here's his site. It's detailed, too.
  • Invites have gone out to others, but new people seem to take out papers for the race every day. I don't think we'll get to all the progressives in the race, but listeners will certainly get a great taste for it.
  • Two more have been added to the original list, at the least. More on that here and here.
  • The primary is going to be deep and confusing (though one of the newcomers, John Keith, is running as an Unenrolled and therefore skipping the primary process).
  • Universal Hub has become the place to read about this race. Maybe LeftAhead's the place to hear about it?


John Keith said...

I'm available, I would love the chance to add my voice (figuratively and literally) to the discussion about the 3rd Suffolk!

Ryan said...

Shoot me an email, Keith.

Ryanstake at gmail dot com.

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