Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This Whole Twitter Phenomenon

I never really thought Twitter would actually become that much, never saw much of a point to it, don't have a "smart" phone and am still generally dubious to it. While I get how it works on a technical level, I don't really understand it, so I figure I'm going to try it and learn through doing before I leap to any final conclusions.

The only real point of this message is to announce I just created a Twitter account. I doubt I'll "twit" very much - but who knows, I can get obsessive over new things. If anyone wants to "follow" me, I picked qwerty4life as my twittername. (Am I allowed to make up new lingo before I ever use a platform?)

Also, I used my email account to find friends and bloggers who "twit," but if you would like me to follow you, feel free to email me your twit name or write it in the comments. I promise I'll take a look.

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