Wednesday, April 01, 2009


When Al Gore wanted absentee ballots to be read, he had to give up in short order for the good of the country. A Republican in Minnesota loses an equally close and contested election to Al Franken - and he has to fight to the bitter end (so the Democrats have one less vote in the Senate). Where's the media uproar now?


Anonymous said...

Setting partisanship aside, Norm Coleman's support has always been baffling. He's like the other Republicans that do little more than parrot think tank stuff and stopped representing his constituents. What's puzzling is that the race is 'tight.' We can speculate that it probably isn't and there are a lot of ballots that were tossed. Voters need to recognize that those scribbles and marks can disqualify their ballots. They need to understand that if they make a mistake, ask for a new ballot. Scribbles, marks, cross outs don't count, as you know. No one tells voters.

Good point about Minnesota.

How about Kentucky and New York State?

NY's 20th, a Republican district, within 25 votes? An underfunded, Democratic unknown? Sounds like a landslide Republican victory!

Ryan said...

NY 20 will be interesting. To be fair, no one's won that yet. They haven't even started counting the absentee ballots - and there are several thousand of them. No matter what, it was impressive that the Democrat won the election night vote and it was close at all (he was down 20% in the polls just months ago), but all I can say right now about that one is that I *hope* the Democrat won.

Well, actually that's a lie. I can also say that Governor Paterson is an awesome for creating that race to begin with. He could have picked anyone from any district or from no district at all - and had the audacity to pick someone from one of the few races we could actually use, whilst installing someone far more conservative than himself to the Senate. Cuomo is going to crush him in the Democratic Primary two years from now, if Paterson runs for reelection at all, and it's quite easily Paterson's own damn fault.

Ryan said...

Whoops - big typo.

I wrote "governor paterson is an awesome" but meant to say asshole!

Anonymous said...

These problems beg the question "What is wrong with the system in the first place". In the most technologically advanced country why do we need re-counts in the first place. Get it right the first time and half the people can celebrate and the other half can go home and sulk. Standardize voting and if you move you can expect the same system to be in place wherever you move to. We won't have Dems votes thrown out, and we won't have ACORN registering the Dallas Cowboys 20 times.

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