Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John Walsh Has a Message For You

From his daily update:
You know I love all Democratic elected officials don't you? I am perplexed when people ask me about the Governor "fighting with the legislature." I don't get it. The Governor is fighting FOR his values and priorities - period. Working together last session, the Governor and legislators delivered the most successful legislative results in thirty years. That included the job-creating life sciences and clean energy packages - and more. The Governor has good reason to work with the legislators on shared agendas and he's proven he knows how to do it. When there are differences on how to achieve goals, I know the Governor will be fighting for his priorities. That's why I voted for him.
It's important to take note of this because, while there are scuffles and obvious differences/priorities between the branches, I guarantee you the average state legislator likes the Gov a great deal and vis versa. Often times squabbles are blown out of proportion -- it doesn't mean that they don't exist, but they're usually localized to the specific issues. Right now, Patrick and DeLeo have a disagreement. Let's hope that, like DiMasi learned, DeLeo can eventually start to try to meet the Governor half way. When that happened, state government was at its best.

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Anonymous said...


It looks more like a House leader who doesn't comprehend how this is playing to the public and is strong arming the House to arm wrestle with the Governor.

Big mistake all around!

Raise taxes before you make cuts?

Don't think people will forget where that sales tax comes from next year! Everytime they pay it, they'll comment this is "DeLeo's Tax"!

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