Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sen. Murray's Out of Her Depth

From the SHNS,
Asked about her view on the future of gambling in Massachusetts, Murray smiled and said, "My staff is going to hate me for doing this, but - cha-ching!"
Really? That's the level she's thinking at? Reducing a huge issue for the commonwealth, with very large and complicated implications, to a sophomoric catchphrase?

There were times when I thought very highly of Senator Murray. Between this and her stance stonewalling on transportation reform, it's clear that she currently lacks the thoughtfulness and maturity to be Senate President of the Commonwealth. Next.


Anonymous said...

I think she happens to be the adult in the room

Anonymous said...

I see her at the ribbon cutting ceremony (Suffolk or Rayhnam) along with Deval for the new "Slots of Fun" parlors that will be open by next Feb. There will be a big check in the background payable to Mass for 300 mil. Morals be damned we need to keep the high paid state workers in the green. Even if we ever get any pension reform it will only apply to new hires, the current mouths at the trough will still need to get theirs.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you!
Murray did some good things in the past, but when times get tough, did she have the courage to speak out about pension reforms and some of the difficult decisions? All she could come up with was 'ca-ching.' How truly pathetic.

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