Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Support my DFA Scholarship Request

Every year, I hear amazing things about Netroots Nation -- formerly YearlyKos. Every year, I hear how useful it is for becoming a better blogger and bringing new tools to the community. Every year, I can't go, as much as I'd like to, because I just don't have the thousands in funds I'd need to make that feasible. This year, though, I just may -- not only is the trip within driving distance, but 30 scholarships are being offered to attend. Most importantly of all, you can help me receive one by becoming a supporter on my scholarship page. It just takes a click - that's it!

Normally, in life, I like to let other people have these opportunities, at least if it doesn't directly apply to me. However, given the potential this experience would have as a learning and networking opportunity -- I think it would be irresponsible if I didn't try to go. Simply put, the things I take away from Netroots Nation may just have a positive impact on the entire mass blogosphere. Given all my work through BlogLeft, LeftAhead, the grassroots and the who knows how many thousands of posts and comments I've contributed, I do think I warrant consideration for one of the thirty scholarships being awarded this year.

I ask that readers of Ryan's Take support my request by clicking here. You can help me become a Netroots Nation scholar this year just by clicking that link, signing up or logging in, then clicking the "add your support" link on my scholarship page. People who have a lot of supporters are that much more likely to earn the scholarship, so please consider it.

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