Monday, May 11, 2009

Final Push for Netroots Nation

So, I thought the Netroots Nation contest was finally finished -- it was supposed to close on the 10th - but unfortunately (for me, anyway), the window extends for people to offer their support, though no new people can sign up. That means I must still push for more supporters.

As the contest currently stands, I'm tied for 4th place in total support, but only by 5 people. Someone got 30+ votes overnight to make this real close, with another just about 5 more votes behind him. Either could easily surpass me if I don't keep pushing. Thus, one final time, I ask readers to nominate me for a scholarship to Netroots Nation.

Ten scholarships are being awarded, but I know DFA has been tasked with making sure that people from all over the country are present at the convention. That means just being in the top 10 won't guarantee me a spot. That's why I've been pushing for the top 5.

If I win the scholarship, I'll put whatever new skills, ideas and contacts I make to good use in the Mass Netroots and in my activism. Furthermore, I'll cover the entire convention through blogs and videos for the Mass netroots. Some of your favorite bloggers and politicians will be there, so it will certainly come in handy to have me there liveblogging it. So I ask, one final time (I promise!), for people to "add your support" to my scholarship page. So, if you haven't done so already (and many of you have -- thanks!!), please add your support and send this diary to your activist friends. I can't get there without your help.



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