Monday, May 18, 2009

Globe's Weird Yoon Fixation

Why is it that any story the Globe actually prints about Mayoral candidate Sam Yoon is about how Yoon goes outside Boston to raise money? It's actually quite simple: Menino has a gigantic war chest and can raise basically unlimited sums. Few can raise serious money within Boston who challenge Menino because Menino's, um, powerful. Yoon's had some success raising from within Korean American circles around the country because he'd be their first major Mayoral politician. Meanwhile, Menino's tremendous fundraising advantage probably includes more total funds from outside Boston than Yoon's raised altogether, inside or out. No one gives a flying frak about that.

Where's the problem here? Why the obsession? Will the Globe actually print anything about the issues on this race, even on a single candidate? Inquiring minds want to know, but the answers are never going to be found at the Boston Globe.

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