Monday, May 18, 2009

Interesting Question

From a friend:
Can anyone tell me how/why Mohegan Sun is on the state house schedule to announce the opening of an office in Palmer? Is this a hearing, official state business? Is this [standard operating procedure] for any business opening an office in the Commonwealth to have access to the state house calendar and facilities?

How does a commercial interest get on the state house calendar when the elected officials from the entire Quaboag region can not get an audience in the state house?
Of course, this is what that person is referring to (from the daily house SHNS calender):
11:00......Mohegan Sun Palmer and area business officials mark the opening of Mohegan's storefront office. Mohegan hopes to develop a casino resort in Palmer.......1426 Main St., Palmer

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Peter Porcupine said...

You get into SHNS by sending them a press release...nothing sinister about this.

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