Friday, June 19, 2009

Bush, I Mean Obama, Needs to Fire his DoJ

I don't believe, on the important decisions, government should get three strikes. In my friend's softball league, she starts with one strike and one ball. As far as I'm concerned, the Obama Administration's whiffed.

The Obama Administration sided against liberty and due process in a Supreme Court case which prevents death row inmates from getting a DNA test that could prove their innocence. That means innocent people will be killed because of the Supreme Court and Obama Administration, for arguing in favor of this atrocious piece of shit.

By the way, strike two was what Obama did to the gay community at the DoJ. It's no wonder Obama's approval ratings are starting to fall precipitously; he's acting just like a third Bush administration. If Obama wants to start to gain the trust of the non-apologist base, he's got to apologize for these horrendous and indefensible DoJ defenses, as well as fire every single lawyer at the DoJ that had any hand in these cases. Period.

Update: Next core base constituency to get screwed? Health care reform supporters. Why did we even bother fighting back in November?

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Anonymous said...

Because the Dems will lead us to nirvana.

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