Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going Global

  • Fake News Alert: Globe can't get past Gov's finances in article about Governor House Hunting. Shocker. The guy hasn't considered his Milton home home since he built the Richmond estate. Swapping the Milton digs for a comfortable condo within walking distance of the State House is a no brainer -- and not a real money-saving move. Luxury condos in Boston by the Commons don't go cheap.
  • How does Globe come by the following sentence in Menino charter school article?
    Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who for years has expressed deep reservations about one of the most fundamental innovations in public education, abruptly shifted course yesterday and said he wants to turn the city's poorly performing schools into new charter schools.
    What makes Globe writer Michael Levenson or his editors experts in "innovations in public education?" Stick to the facts -- Menino's robbing Flaherty's chief education proposal.
  • Times taking bids for Globe. I hereby offer my official bid of $.01. Any higher takers?


Quriltai said...

Hah. Of course he does.

Turn your lowest 20% into charters, you get those schools off the books for Boston district scores. Shazam, Boston's MCAS scores skyrocket.

This is common practice in suburban districts -- a group of towns pool some money, create a special school and export their lowest-scoring students into the "co-op" or whatever it's called.

Surprised Menino didn't think of this sooner.

Ryan said...

Good point. Who wants to be held accountable? LOL.

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