Saturday, June 13, 2009

One thing I hate about DailyKos

The anti-gay apologists. They support gay people in name only. I have no need for those kinds of people. Here's the bottom line, folks. If you "support" gay people, that means you support them. You can't vote for people who will strip their rights, or support politicians that would do the same -- at least without vocally appealing to them to change, fast.

Obama made a huge, huge mistake today in condemning the gay community. This is the last straw for most of us. Anyone who supports what Obama did today is an apologist and not a friend to the gay community. There was no need for Obama's DoJ to rise to the Rushian levels of comparing our relationships to incest. I'm appalled today. I don't know if I ever could say I support this President again, at least until he completely repeals DADT, DOMA and passes ENDA -- and it's him pulling his weight, not just signing on the dotted line and claiming credit after the fact. For now, he's getting Team Homophobia tag treatment.


Joel Patterson said...

Ryan, remember those news stories back in 2008 about Bush hacks "burrowing" themselves into the bureaucracy?

I'll bet you this memo got written by one of those burrowers, knowing it would anger Obama's supporters.

Ryan said...

Oh, I think you're right, but people are assigned cases. At some point, the buck stops somewhere. At the very least, the Obama administration needs to explain itself and, if it would like to appear as a "fierce advocate" on gay rights... well, it's time to put their money with their mouth is. Pass a few gay rights bills -- and not just the hate crimes bill. Either Polis's omnibus bill or DOMA/DADT are the only thing that will appease the glbt community now.

Anonymous said...

Gee the Obama that was elected isn't the Obama that campaigned. More troops in Afghanistan, no national gay marriage, tax health benefits maybe, who'd have thought.

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