Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Show on why "Casinos are a Bad Bet"


Anonymous said...

The single most left leaning panel you could have found. Not a single spokesperson from the industry never mind a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Bias reporting at its worst. You can do better than that Ryedog!

Ryan said...

It's progressive show. It's going to have a progressive slant. Don't like it? Feel free to create a different one.

Anonymous said...

Its a bunch of looney lefties.

Anonymous said...

Why is the lottery, smokes, and booze legal? It that any different and why are you not fighting that battle? Tobacco kills millions each year worldwide. You are a hypocrit.

Middleboro Review said...


Thanks for the post.

The more people consider the impacts, the less sense casinos, racinos and slot parlors make as a revenue source.

Good show!

Ryan said...

Anon 5:25,

I don't like greatly exacerbating already bad problems. Why make something go from bad to much worse? Slots doubles the rate of gambling addiction. I would no sooner support it than I would crack.

Bellicose Bumpkin said...

I'll represent the pro-casino position:

Jobs, jobs, recapture, jobs, jobs, recapture, jobs, blah, blah

Anonymous said...

The attacks and naysayers can't contribute facts.Notice?
After the lopsided propaganda the gambling industry has presented, why would anon 6:55 and 9:50 and 6:22 and 5:25 protest?This doesn't even begin to provide equal discussion.
They sound like paid lobbyists to me.
They come out of the woodwork when you write about gambling.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Ryan is promoting Tobacco? Huh?

But since we're on the subject, why is tobacco different?

Well, it's NOT THE STATE SPONSORING IT for one thing.

The only reason the State would legalize gambling is to collect revenue from it. Slot machines account for the great majority of revenue. Slot machines are engineered to addict people. It's not an act of leadership to addict citizens to collect revenue. Citizens of a commonwealth should not be working to addict a certain percentage of it's fellow citizens to collect revenue.

States with casinos and slots do not do better than Massachusetts has without.

I realize this is a difficult concept for some, so please, feel free to go back to saying:

Jobs! Money going to Connecticut! It's entertainment! Yeahhhhhhhh!

Because seriously, we haven't heard that enough.

Thanks Ryan for FINALLY presenting something else.

BTW, want to see a TRULY slanted panel which actually sat in front of the committee for economic development and emerging technologies (of all things!)?????????

Here you go.

Poor, poor under-represented pro casino advocates. For shame...

Anonymous said...

How come the same vocal anonymous coments arent made when pretend 'educational hearings' are held in Gardner Auditorium and mostly vested interests speak? How come those same vocal anonymous protests werent made when Masachusetts' tax dollars were spent on the joke of a Spectrum Report? Now that was a joke!
Is that the sucking sound I hear of local busineses closing when they cant compete with a casino for discretionary spending?
Who said each slot machine represents one local job per year? Who said for every single tax dollar a casino pays the cost is $3? God! Dont you love it when the lobbyists are forced to post on Ryan's blog?

Anonymous said...

Gladys, in essence the state is sponsoring tobacco. They allow it and are taxing it. The state is not sponsoring heroin. Actually the lottery is worse than just sponsoring casinos, where they would allow casinos and then just tax them. With the lottery the state does more than allow, they control and actively promote the lottery under the guise of "sharing with our 351 cities and towns".

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