Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liveblogged MA-Healthcare Discussion on MSNBC

It was only a short segment, but crazy interesting. Sen. Scott Brown, Ezra Klein and Elliot Spitzer together. What a weird grouping. Start from the bottom and work your way up ;)
  • Problem with Scott's argument is that more than 70% of America wants public option. #liveblog
  • Scott: Mass is a little unique, more liberal. Other states can't be like us, according to him. Has he seen the polls? (Obv not) #liveblog
  • That was re: Polone saying in other countries, you couldn't. Polone brought a knife (lies) to gunfight (Ezra's wonkiness) #liveblog
  • Ezra: "of course you choose your doctor" in other countries. Meanwhile, in this country, you can't, because of HMOs. Polone fails. #liveblog
  • Polone brought up tort reform. What?! that's talking about drips of rain, at best, in a mother fucking hurricane. #liveblog
  • Gavin Polone, Scott Brown, Elliot Spitzer and Ezra Klein... weird. Ezra schools. So does Spitzer. Too bad he fucked shit up, huh? #liveblog
  • Scott Brown basically made the point that, ah, Massahusetts is perfect! and bipartisan!! #liveblog
  • Ezra makes the big point - giving health care to for profits is biting hand it feeds. #liveblog
  • WTF!? Scott Brown is on MSNBC right now, talking health care. Why? He's a lunatic! Yo, MSNBC: He does not speak for Massachusetts.
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