Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Painful Because it's True

A heart-rending column today by Yvonne Abrams. The following quote is the point she tries to make, but it's actually the least significant part of her words -- how she got there is far more important. So, please read it. She's absolutely right about what will happen should we legalize slots.
Like scratch tickets, slots are gaming’s crack. Just like the instant games that bring in 70 percent of the state lottery’s take, they’re the province of poorer players. The part of Sydney where I grew up has the lowest average household incomes in the city and the highest average rates of spending on slot machines.

I get the argument that the state needs money. I understand firsthand the value of the jobs that would be created. I know that people should be able to spend their money as they please.

But let’s not kid ourselves that we’re creating a new Monte Carlo here. The state, which is supposed to protect its citizens, is going to encourage some of them to harm themselves. And when those people put down money they can’t afford, we’ll take the cash and look away.

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