Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pike Just Doesn't Get It

It doesn't matter how much the Pike tries to defend using tolls for paying off the Big Dig, they just are no longer allowed to do it. They can hope and pray the current lawsuit gets dismissed, but Jan Schlictman has won tougher battles. He's going to win this one, on the merits. Beyond that lawsuit, though, the state just passed a new law explicitly saying the Pike can no longer use tolls to pay for the Big Dig -- that the tolls have to pay for the roads toll riders are on.

Now, this new law was dropped on the T pretty quickly, probably without enough new revenue to immediately stop using toll money for Big Dig debts. However, I feel no compassion for this organization because they're not even sorry or apologizing for their predicament. They're not trying to figure out a way to get out of the situation. They don't even want to comply with the law. A new law was created and they're content to just freaking ignore it.

Short of the state compelling them to obey, they won't. Let's hope there was some teeth to this new law, otherwise it's going to be meaningless. Meanwhile, toll users should be getting ready for a big, fat reimbursement once Jan Schlictman wins his court case.

HT David Guarino

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