Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why Should I Take the T?

With the newest hikes, the T's really going to lose the remainder of my business. The T, months ago, begged the legislature for funds. It said that they needed $160 million to avoid major cuts to services and fee hikes. The legislature gave them $160 million. What do they do? Raise fees anyway. Why the hell should I support an organization like that?

A year ago, it was about $3 for a round trip and another $3 to park. Now it's $5 to park and $4-5 dollars round trip. That's almost a 50% increase in a year. Does the T actually want users?

Furthermore, why should the legislature ever trust the MBTA again? It took a big risk to help solve, or at least put off, the MBTA's money problems -- and this was how they were rewarded? It's not in good faith, that's for sure.

This decision by the T will hurt them in the long run. They're less likely to get help from the legislature, and they're going to lose thousands of riders -- and millions of dollars. It's time for a New Charlie in Charge over at the MBTA.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the report about all the passengers that didn't pay when they ride?(channel 5 investigation I think)over a month ago. You honest riders get screwed even worse when everyone doesn't pay.

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