Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Baker's "Turnaround"

I forgot a lot of the details, which the Globe summed up nicely. Weird stuff -- and not terribly inspiring. Looks like Harvard Pilgram definitely would have died if the state didn't essentially take it into receivership -- Charley Baker didn't just come riding in and heroically save the day. All sorts of book-cooking to fudge the numbers *just* the right way didn't hurt, either. It could have all blown up in his face.

Also, what do people think about this?
Judy Meredith, a longtime human services lobbyist, described Baker at the time as “the most charming slash and burn artist that this human resources advocate has ever seen.’’ In a recent interview, she said Baker sent her a thank you note after reading the quote in the newspaper.
It's absolutely bizarre. Who does that? That's the kind of petty, overly dramatic bullshit I'd expect to see in an episode of Smallville, coming from the Luther mansion, not the person sitting in the Corner Office.


Anonymous said...

Judy Meredith is a liberal hack

Ryan said...

You can think what you will, but I doubt she's sending weird notes to people who say quotes about her in the paper.

Anonymous said...

She a hack Ryan. You are amogst a group that would do ANYTHING to get Deval elected. His term has been a failure.

Anonymous said...

Great job with the MBTA

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