Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mass Stands to Gain Most from Health Insurance Reform?

With the most expensive health insurance premiums in the country, despite the fact we're the only state that forces (nearly) everyone into 'the pool,' it certainly looks plausible. Given the revolutionary choice -- and competition -- public insurance would provide, it's going to drive the cost of insurance down, even for those who don't sign up. Well, that's assuming a robust, strong plan.

Have you called your congressperson yet?

In other health-care related news, the Globe needs to seriously rethink this sentence from Saturday's health care editorial.
If all states had an insurance market like Massachusetts’, no one would be talking about including a public plan in national legislation.
Perhaps the Globe editorial board needs to reread its own pages, again. None of the Partners stuff would be possible without a complicit Blue Cross, Blue Shield. Heck, the very same day this is printed, the Globe's headline was about how Massachusetts's premiums are the highest in the country. We are not a model for this country in anyway other than access -- and without serious cost reform, there's only so much longer we'll even be able to keep our other reforms up.

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Daniel said...

Excellent points, Ryan. Thanks for mentioning these important issues with the MA system- I'm surprised so few others seem to have noticed.

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