Friday, August 28, 2009

Polling Results on Interim Senator Appointee

Fairly surprising results -- apparently conventional wisdom was wrong. Even before Senator Kennedy's passing, a majority of the state supported an interim appointment.
Under Massachusetts law a special election is held to fill an open senate seat. While waiting for a special election should the governor appoint an interim senator?

52% Yes

40% No

7% Not sure

The chances of this getting done is rapidly increasing. HT Senatus blog.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering what the polling data looked like when they took the appointing authority from romney. Hypocrits!

Ryan said...

No idea, but I've been told that the Republicans were basically suggesting something similar to this current proposal back then. So, that should mean, if they're not hypocrites, they'll support this too, right? It does go both ways.

Anonymous said...

talk about a bunch of hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

Why was it changed in the first place? And if Ted was worried about the state being under-represented why didn't he resign when his health deteriorated, wanted to die in the saddle?

Anonymous said...

Ryan will you ever have the honesty to admit something might have been done, just basic partisan politics, even by your beloved Dems? You're always willing to point out if the other side does it, do you thing the Democratic party is always clean?

Anonymous said...

For almost two years Senator Kerry ran for President leaving the state with one Senator. For the past 16 months Senator Kennedy was effectively not doing the job he was paid to do. Over those same 16 months we had one Senator. So why is it critical that we change the rule that the Democratic hypocrits changed 5 years ago so that we can insure two Senators?

Anonymous said...

You are a large hypocrit. You are a supporter of gay marriage as am I. Clearly in excess of 50% of the voters want marriage defined as being between a man and a women. Governing based on polling data is convenient when it fits your argument. That makes you a damn hypocrit.

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