Monday, August 31, 2009

Talked to Senator Kerry's Office on Health Care

Just called Senator Kerry's office, describing myself as a constituent and blogger. I was shipped between three different people, but I got some answers. I was particularly concerned after reading this article, which I found over at Americablog, in which Senator Kerry says he "would not throw the baby out with the bathwater," should he not think the public option could pass.

I came to ask three basic questions. Christopher Benner, an aide, said he has absolutely "no comment" on Max Baucus's 'strategy' to get health insurance reform passed -- ignoring our large majority and instead focusing on three republicans and three democrats. Then I asked about the public option, to which Benner said Senator Kerry "absolutely" supports the public option. I followed that up, alluding to the Reuters article, asking whether Senator Kerry would support getting rid of the public option if he thought that was the only way it could pass. Benner dodged the question and re-quoted his (I think) prepared statement that Senator Kerry supports the public option.

I ended my questions asking if Senator Kerry would support Kennedy and Dodd's HELP bill, to which Kerry's aide said he does. That was the bright spot of the interview. I said I was finished with my questions, at which point Benner wanted to forward me to another aide, Megan Thompson, who I think is Kerry's head health care aide (though not sure on that). I got Thompson's voicemail, but didn't really have any further questions, so I didn't leave a message.


tubalreversal said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh good another undocumented worker procreating.

Anonymous said...

You are a large hypocrit. You are a supporter of gay marriage as am I. Clearly in excess of 50% of the voters want marriage defined as being between a man and a women. Governing based on polling data is convenient when it fits your argument. That makes you a damn hypocrit.

Anonymous said...

The 9:14 post doesn't make sense unless you saw the first post. Yah had to be there.

Quriltai said...

Leaving your Caveman guest aside...this sounds like typical Kerry.

Which is why Kennedy will be so missed.

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