Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The White House Pool Reports

For some reason, the White House has me signed up for the pool reports that have to do with Massachusetts. While it's kind of neat for someone to have taken the time to sign me up for this at the White House (without me requesting it), it's not nearly as interesting as it sounds: I get to hear fascinating stories about how the President is going to go golfing, or about the crowds that gathered to wave at him. Here's one example from today:
The motorcade left the farm at 8:33 a.m. en route Oak Bluffs school.

A few people gathered on the road to watch the president pass, among them a woman in her pj's holding a baby and waving. "Hi, Obama, take a nice deep breath," reads the sign posted on one mailbox.

A partial description of the farm where the Obamas are staying: it is a large property with rolling fields surrounded by thick stands of trees, dotted with empty silos and a couple of what look to be fairly new tractors. There's a dirt road drive leading from the main road to an old barn with weathered brown shingles, and as we waited for the motorcade to depart a lone bay horse was standing nearby swatting flies with its tail. The presidential part of the motorcade came out of a dirt drive from a different part of the property.

Christi Parsons
Do people find this stuff interesting? Honest question.


Anonymous said...

What a waste. Leave the guy alone for a vacation. And less reporting overall about the family, give them some breathing room.

Quriltai said...

Historians do. In the electronic age, this stuff is gold for people who'll be doing theses in ten years.

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