Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Clyde Barrow,

You recently did a cable access show with Senator Pacheco. On it, Senator Pacheco asked if you were ever paid by the casino industry and you said no.

I was, in fact, emailed a quote with exactly what you said on the show. You said you were
"...not on a retainer, not a consultant to any casino company and never have been."
Can you please explain that statement for me? It doesn't seem to fit with your past history. For example, in 2008 your home address was listed as the business address for Pyramid Associates and Pyramid Associates was paid $15k to create a study on slots in Maine. Where does that fact fit in with your public statements that you've never worked for the industry? How does that fit when you went to public meetings with the Yes on 2 campaign in Maine and did a press conference for them? If that isn't "consulting," can you please explain what that job is in your view?

Additionally, can you please explain how your Center at UMASS Dartmouth funds its studies? We know that it takes on contracts from "clients" including the "private sector." Can you explain how often those clients have had any connection, whatsoever, with the slot machine and casino industries?

The answer to these questions would be very helpful and, really, the people of Massachusetts, as well as our elected leaders, deserve to know the truth. The time for deception and dishonesty is over. Thank you.




Middleboro Remembers said...


Thanks for the post questioning the perennial casino cheerleader.

While he condemns opponents, he consistently quotes industry statistics, such as the flawed percentage of gambling addicts.

As you know, of all addictions, gambling addiction has the lowest self-referral rate and the highest suicide rate.

Since gambling addiction leads to crime, it is very costly in terms of investigation and prosecution.

In his interview with Senator Pacheco, Clyde quoted a study by Kathryn Hashimoto that was paid for by the industry and appears on their site.

How is Clyde's research independent? I still don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Well, again giving the true facts about Mr. Barrow's not true facts.

How many times does this have to be put out there for most of the legislator's to stop being in denial!!!!! and see him for what he's worth in dollars.

Thank you Ryan, old news for those that do their research but it's nice that you are, again, trying to reach into the depths of those legislator's diminutive THINKING PARTS, (called brains).

Anonymous said...


Did you CC Pacheco? Unless it hits him over his head he would never look for the ngative side of gaming. I cannot believe this man ran unopposed. Please Please send it along to him!!1

Middleboro Resident

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